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Put more FUNDS into your fundraising efforts all year long!

Sample Yearly Fundraiser Brochure Cover

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Attention schools, churches, sports teams:

You have been there year after year – fundraisers that require you to sell products that few people need at inflated prices nobody cares to pay. Now, there is a solution to that yearly fundraiser dilemma. A solution that helps your fundraiser efforts pay you a monthly recurring revenue stream.

Other fundraising efforts include selling a one-time only product – chocolate bars, a car wash, magazine subscriptions. And they all come with an end. Often your purchasers are only buying because it is a fundraiser and they either have a fondness for you or a fondness for what you are hoping to achieve.  Rarely is there a fondness for the product.  At ™ we believe that your fundraiser efforts should include products that make people happy.

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Here’s how we differ from other fundraising programs:

With Yearly Fundraiser, your organization will:

  1. Sell a premium, consumable item: All-natural household and laundry cleaners
  2. Sell at standard retail prices – no inflated markups
  3. Reap the benefits of recurring year-round income

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Is there a fundraising product involved?

Yes, there is a product line involved with Yearly Fundraiser. We choose only the very best products for your fundraising efforts.  In this case a line of sustainable, green, earth friendly and human friendly (and pet friendly too) household laundry and cleaning products.  This is a product line that you will not only prefer to use in your own home, but will be proud to share with your extended family and friends.  Kids, grandparents, parents, cousins, and in-laws all find that Nellie’s All-Natural line of cleaners not only get their laundry clean but also helps replace some of the toxic elements used in their home.  Not only is Nellie’s All-Natural safe for the environment but creates a healthy home by reducing the products with ingredients that cause allergies and affect our health. Yearly Fundraiser will help you generate retail profits for your organization… Sustainable, Recurring, and Profitable all year long.

The Story Behind Yearly Fundraiser