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At our goal is to become an integral part of your total fundraising program and plan.  We understand that most organizations will have multiple fundraising mechanisms in place so we have designed our program to grow along side your existing fundraising events or contests.  At each of your existing events you can encourage participants to join in your yearly fundraising program by converting some of their products to the Nellie’s All-Natural product line – purchased through you.

Your organization’s risk level with yearly fundraiser is zero. In most cases there won’t even be gasoline for the car involved. This is because most non profits will be able to reach their financial goal by engaging just friends and neighbors in their immediate circle… friends and neighbors and relatives.

Why would your members and supporters want to use Nellie’s All Natural Products?

Nellie’s All-Natural household cleaning and laundry products are some of the finest available.

Keep in mind that we are offering a very high quality product that is well recognized and universally accepted.

Through your fundraiser it is available at a price that is comparable to what you will find at your local True Value or supermarket… priced at a fair value and not marked up beyond what you would expect.

Unlike other fundraising products you are not limited by dietary restrictions or by people with fixed incomes. There are no limitations to which customers would use this product as it is allergy free, non toxic, and over all a good value. They are safe to use from baby to adult.

You can start a Yearly Fundraiser program at any time of the year.  You don’t need to wait for a particular season or month to begin because Nellie’s All-Natural fundraising products are in demand throughout the year.

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