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How to start fundraising Here’s how your non-profit organization can earn more money with less effort when you learn how to start fundraising with the system:

How to Start Fundraising in Six Easy Steps

  1. The first step in how to start fundraising is to find a high quality product that you will be proud to offer your supporters. You will find the greatest success in your fundraising efforts if the product is consumable.
  2. The second step in how to start fundraising is to offer a product that has broad market appeal.
  3. The third step in how to start fundraising is to make sure that you are offering a product that is priced fairly so that your supporters will feel smart about their purchase.  You want it to be a win-win for your organization and your supporters.
  4. The forth step in how to start fundraising is to find a product that is one that your supporters already need to buy on a regular basis.
  5. The fifth step in how to start fundraising is to create an ongoing relationship with your supporters.  Allow them to be emotionally involved in your fundraising efforts.
  6. The sixth step in how to start fundraising is to keep them in the loop of what you are doing with the funds you are raising.  Let them be as excited as you are with the fundraising project.

Sell a Premium Quality, Consumable Product With Broad Market Appeal

At we source one of the best household soap and laundry product lines, Nellie’s All-Natural products. This is not just any laundry soap! Nellie’s Laundry Soda is an all-natural laundry soap with no harsh chemicals, no dyes, and no fragrances. You’ll find many of your supporters even want to convert their entire home to Nellie’s so that they can further reduce the toxins in their home.  Your supporters, friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors – they can all be part of your fundraising efforts.

Nellie’s All-Natural cleans clothes and softens fabrics without leaving behind any soapy residue.

Offer This Product at Standard Retail Prices

With Yearly Fundraisers you will be offering your supporters retail pricing that has not been inflated. Instead, you’ll be selling premium, all-natural laundry soap products at regular retail pricing, then keeping 20 percent of that revenue for your organization. This feature alone places Yearly Fundraisers head and shoulders above other fundraising products. This gives you the chance for a win-win scenario with your supporters.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Highly rated and well-received household consumable products will keep your supporters coming back when they need to restock their supplies. With help and support from in marketing and customer service your customer base can keep growing all year long.

Build A Continuing Relationship With Your Supporters

One of the most important methods of building a long-term fundraising effort is to build a relationship with your supporters.  You will need them to continue to support your organization through the year.  With we help coach you in ways to continue the conversation through the year with your supporters.  Each time you do you give them the opportunity to continue their support for your organization.

Let Your Supporters Be Part of Your Success

By keeping your supporters in the loop of your fundraising efforts you allow them to be part of your success.  They actually take ownership of the campaign and help you build your fundraising efforts.

Earn Recurring Year-Round Income for Your Organization

Here’s the best part of learning how to start fundraising with has packaged all of the above into one great package for you.

  • Products you will be very proud to offer your supporters
  • Products with broad market appeal
  • Fairly price products that you are selling at retail
  • Frequently consumed products
  • An ongoing relationship with your supporters keeping them emotionally engaged
  • Regular feedback on how well the fundraising efforts are going.

Free Shipping Available, Direct to You

Yearly Fundraisers carries a complete line of products including laundry soap, dryer balls, scent sticks, oxygen brighteners – all-natural, no scents, no dyes, pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and available in economical bulk quantities. This is a complete laundry program. Once your organization turns in their new orders at the minimum quantity level, Yearly Fundraisers will ship the laundry products directly to your school, church, etc., and your organization will then distribute to your customers. Shipping is FREE when you reach a minimum free shipping threshold and your organization earns 20 percent of the sales — and will continue to earn additional revenue from any future orders your customers make.